Monday, October 29, 2012

Featured Post: Simply Byzantine

Eastern Catholic Spiritual Renewal continues to be a wonderful resource for all who want to learn about or strengthen their understanding of Byzantine spirituality. The most recent post is titled 'Simply Byzantine': 

"We as Byzantines celebrate our faith in some of the most profound ways. However, sometimes in expressing what we have to others we lose the simplicity of our faith. So much so that we often find ourselves at a loss when we want communicate what we believe. As a result, sharing our faith is often reduced to a come and see our church method. This method of itself can be beneficial but without a real substantial communication of our faith the results are often less than life changing. Sharing our faith should not be a task where we hope that others will find our faith when they visit our churches. Rather, at that moment of sharing our faith we should "always be ready to explain"(1peter 3:15)" what we believe. This is only possible by discovering the simplicity that makes our Byzantine tradition great."...continue reading at Eastern Catholic Spiritual Renewal.

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