Sunday, August 26, 2012

Education and Evangelization

Welcome to In Union with Rome! This blog will be a definitive listing of all those great blogs and websites out there that are educating and evangelizing the world about the Catholic Church and more specifically the Eastern rites of the Catholic Church.

I would appreciate any links that you would care to share and also notifications if a link goes 'dead' before I catch on. 

At this point, I will not be writing original content for this blog (find me at Fear Not Little Flock for original postings), but I would like to feature blogs or websites that I especially appreciate. 

I will be listing 'ecumenical' links for those friends who are Orthodox or Anglican and/or who are 'Catholic-friendly.' If you would like your blog or website included, please email me at


  1. I'll definitely be following this blog, Sarah. I don't know if you decided to pick up where Catherine Alexander's blog left off. But, I'm liking this a lot!


    1. I hope she will start doing videos again- they are great (but everybody is busy)

    2. Lester- look around and send me any links I am missing

  2. I'll definitely do what I can, Sarah. I especially like the Dhouy Rhaims Bible link. I'll definitely look to pick up a paper version (when I can afford it) of it. I like how the CCC electronically has a search function.


Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Do you have a link I should add to the listing? Comment or email me at